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Commodities Bankers LLC

is a trading company, using our worldwide network, we trade, market, and distribute physical commodities safely and sustainably around the world.

Worldwide network

We work in a variety of areas across several countries. And, because we mostly work B2B, that enables us to service a global network of clients and partners that we have built over the last three decades.

Our locations

2828 Coral way Dr. suite
100. Miami, FL 33145 - USA
Rashid Khalifa Al Muhairi building
office No. 219, Al Barsha - Bur Dubai,
Dubai, UAE

Warren Buffett has been making a substantial and diversified bet on the future of inflationary pressures and commodity prices. Central bank liquidity, government stimulus, and a falling dollar are a potent bullish cocktail for the commodities asset class. The Oracle of Omaha gave the raw materials asset class his blessing over the past weeks and months, and market participants should not ignore the move’s significance.

Warren Buffet

Global oil and gas investment will increase by $26 billion this year as the industry continues its recovery from the worst of the pandemic and the hurdles imposed by the Omicron variant. Overall oil and gas investments will grow 4% to $628 billion

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